Dealers Network

  • Always have the right inventory "on hand" for your clients
  • Connect with a global network of dealers
  • FREE for RugSimple Customers

Dealers Network

Global connections for expanding your sales horizons

RugSimple Dealer Network connects you to an international network of buyers and sellers. Always have the right inventory for the right client.


All rug dealers using RugSimple have the option to make any or all of their inventory visible on the RugSimple Rug Dealer Network. This is a private network that allows any dealer to search for items across the country using our standardized rug details. A report can be generated to provide to your customer with photos, sizes and characteristics. If a deal can be made, simply contact that dealer and work out the details. RugSimple does not take any portion of the sale


RugSimple is connecting Showrooms across the world to power sales

We understand how hard it is to see a customer walk out the door, not having found what they want.

RugSimple Dealers Network is designed to connect you to others who can help close the deal.

Decrease Walkouts
Ensuring you always have the right "one of a kind" inventory secures your customer relationship.
Expand Inventory

Quick and easy searches and filters for EXACTLY what your client has asked for.
Increase Sales
Shared sales means everyone gets paid.

  • Search, connect + do a deal: The same filters available in eCommerce Jumpstart apply to the dealers network. Discover by period, weave, color and more.
  • Join Groups: Local, Regional and National Groups mean you can keep in touch with what's happening in the industry on many levels.


Here's how we create lasting partnerships.

  • Creating Connections:
    Connect showrooms from across the globe to create a larger community that supports each other.
  • Unlimited Inventory: Thousands of rugs, allowing you to be global at a local scale.
  • Distributable Spec Sheets: Curate and aggregate your options for your clients in co-branded PDFs.
  • Standardized Rug Classifications: Automatic classification of every size, shape, weave and type rug in your showroom / wash.  Assist with participation in Dealer Network

Connect + Sell With Your Community.

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