By Rug People. For Rug People

Based in Toronto, Canada – RugSimple was born out of the need to create a unique rug cleaning management system with the flexibility and power to be competitive in today’s fast paced markets and provide management, employees and customers access to accurate up-to-date information from anywhere at anytime.

Turco Persian Rug Company Inc was established in 1906 in Toronto, Canada. Always being a leader in embracing new technologies to improve efficiency, Turco Persian implemented their first custom computer management system back in 1985. Back then it was built to work alongside ACCPAC, a Canadian based accounting system that has since been bought by SAGE and has been repackaged as Sage 100.

The insight gained with building, using and managing a
system made specifically for a rug cleaning plant gave Turco a 30 year head
start on knowing what they needed in a second generation system.

When the company was taken over by the fourth generation
lead by Jessica Kasparian and her husband Dan Buganto, they both had strong
backgrounds in Marketing, Digital, PR and advertising and have used their share
of efficient web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) programs. Dan Buganto
project managed many digital front-end and back-end builds through his digital
advertising career and knew they would need to build a powerful second
generation management system for Turco.  Learning that many rug cleaning
companies struggled with the same outdated systems and found it difficult to
break into the ERP solution with implementation companies due to cost and
effort, the idea was born to create a system that was flexible and customizable
enough for the smallest and largest of rug companies to use a system
specifically built for them and their industry.

RugSimple as a result is an end-to-end management system built for rug cleaners by rug cleaners that will continuously innovate, taking  advantage of the latest technologies for optimizing businesses like yours.