New release details for Feb 14, 2022

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Hello from RugSimple!

A new version of the App and Portal has been released with new features and fixes. If you have questions or comments on the changes, feel free to reach out to


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Disabled Accounting Connector

We have introduced functionality which disables the Accounting connector on the posting journal records list if the accounting connector is inactive.

Bug RS-1440
Remove rejected services from the inventory adjustment

“Rejected services” are now removed from the workflow cart and App ensures they show-up in the inventory adjustment in the Posting Journals.

Bug RS-1435
FIX: Rug sold before inventory has been adjusted

A fix has been implemented in a use case which can fail and create the wrong data for QBO/Accounting. if a user changed the cost of an item and sold the item without posting it to the Posting Journal first, the cost difference against the remaining inventory was wrong.

This will no longer occur.

Bug RS-1409
Posting Journal order status change dialog improvement

An upgrade has been implemented. Now, you can pick the orders that you would like to close after posting a posting journal entry.

The Order List now includes details like customer name, current status, last order updated date.

You may select all the orders or select orders to close.

Feature RS-1436
Balancing cost differences

A new feature has been added that addresses Quickbooks postings from the posting journal related to changing costs of items. Now if the cost of an item changes after entry or at any time it ill be reported, addressed in the posting journal and flowed through to QBO

Feature RS-1319
Cost change notes

Notes section has been added when costs are changed and will sync to posting journal records for accounting system clarity

Task RS-1439
New Posting Journal Notes option

Your App will now allow you to manage notes from the posting journal records.

Task RS-1438
Supplier/ customer selection for missing/incorrect posting journal

The App will now allow you to choose a supplier for missing consignment repository rug(s).

Task RS-1437
General Ledger History

A new view has been created for “General Ledger History” to confirm if an item is/has been posted (sync’d).

This will also create a history record to view the inventory and cost changes.

Task RS-1434
Added "Cost Changed" history to rug activity

An update has been made to ensure the App records “cost changed” for inventory adjustments. This will help record the cost difference for Posting Journal credit/debit adjustments.

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Task RS-1433

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