New release details for FEB 04, 2022

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Hello from RugSimple!

A new version of the App and Portal has been released with new features and fixes. If you have questions or comments on the changes, feel free to reach out to


issue name overview T Key
Batch return button fix

A previous update impacted the “return to batch” button in the UI and made it not work. This has been resolved

Bug RS-1410
Overdue report and calendar timezone issues

Fixed overdue reports initial loading issue.

Fixed calendar time-zone issues.

Bug RS-1356
Updated due date in overdue orders

Updated a confusing date that was set as an "early warning" system for overdue orders. It. is now set to the actual due date

Task RS-1383
Mabual Schedule Field Services Settings

Added new setting for disabling manual schedule entry on field services to prevent operator error

Task RS-1382
New Field Services Settings

Field Services Settings (crews, vehicles) have been moved to Settings --> List Management --> Field Services

Task RS-1381
New Link In Overdue Orders

Created quick links to the full order from the overdue orders page

Task RS-1380
Overdue Orders Page Relocated

Overdue Orders page has been moved under the Order menu

Task RS-1379

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