• Reduce Complexity by Streamlining your sales operations
  • Cost + Time Reductions = More Profit
  • Open up New Lines of Business + Revenue

Showroom Platform

Essential tools you can use to focus on profitable growth.

Streamline your operations, make rug eCommerce easy and get into new lines of business, profitably



RugSimple Showroom Saves Money and Reduces Complexity at Every Stage of your Sales Process

We understand how complex rug sales and service really is.

RugSimple Showroom was built to address every area of your business

Increase Efficiency
Do more with less. Expand and manage new sales efforts without adding labor.

Reduce internal workflow and process to squeeze more out of your current operations.
Increase Sales 5%-20%
Launch new lines of business with no hassle.

  • Consignment Sales Management: Managed customer consignment sales.  High/Low price thresholds or Fixed Cost. e-Signature ready contract management.
  • Appraisals: Comprehensive Appraisal Module with professional looking reports.
  • Multi-location support: Ability to support multiple store fronts (retail and e-commerce)
  • Dealer Network Membership: Don't let a customer walk out of your store due to selection. Search shared inventory of other dealers to find what your customer is looking for.
  • Rug Rental: Supports the prevalent rug rental market.
  • Discounts by item: The platform understands line level discounts based on rule management per product and product type or customer.


Here's how we free your time + profits.

  • Rug Company Operating Platform:
    A rug industry specific, full history of every touch point you have with your clients: contracts, sales, cleaning, per customer preferential pricing, inventory, financials, e-commerce, client history.
  • One-click Post To eCommerce: Fully integrated with Shopify and finance.  1 click post to e-store. Immediately removed upon sale. All details from Standardized Rug Classification available for enhanced online sales management.
  • Commission Management: Commission tracking management across all product/inventory types.
  • Standardized Rug Classifications: Automatic classification of every size, shape, weave and type rug in your showroom / wash.  Assist with participation in Dealer Network
  • Barcode and RFID Enabled: Seamlessly associate barcodes and RFID tags with every rug on entry/exit of the showroom / wash
  • In-home Trial Management: Platform manages Approval Based Sales for customer who like to try the item in the home prior to purchase.

Sell more with less administration + data entry.

The only software solution designed to give you A Simple Path To Growth