New release details for JAN 28, 2022

Hello from RugSimple!

A new version of the App and Portal has been released with new features and fixes. If you have questions or comments on the changes, feel free to reach out to


issue name overview T Key
Unable to edit consignment ecommerce title A bug came up that wouldn't allow users to edit the eCommerce title for a consignment product

This has been resolved

Bug RS-1373
Inventory report issues Copy updates, multi-location capabilities and enhanced information have been added to the inventory reports Feature RS-1345
Added item count to pickup and delivery routes The count of items per pickup was added to the field services routes for easy scan of items to collect/deliver Feature RS-1384
internal bug on an API A hidden, internal bug the on shop API has been patched Bug RS-1351

Thanks for being a RugSimple Customer and User!