New release details for Jan 15, 2022

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Hello from RugSimple!

A new version of the App and Portal has been released with new features and fixes. If you have questions or comments on the changes, feel free to reach out to


issue name overview T Key
Bug RS-1315
Changing order types

When changing order types from “Pickup and Delivery” to “Cash & Carry” and back, pickup and delivery info is now maintained and recorded in history

Bug RS-1198
New "Search By" Functionality

New Search Functionality was requested by a client to allow searching by internal notes and design #s

This functionality has been introduced in this release

Feature RS-1340
Stability Improvements

Updates have been made to configuration capabilities that allow some application updates to occur without republishing or restarting the app, resulting in improved stability in the App

Feature RS-1317
Selling Price added to Export Showroom Inventory Report

A request was made to add selling price and not just regular price to the “Export Showroom Inventory” Report. This has been added.

Feature RS-1292
New Calendar View For Field Services

A calendar view has been added for quick views of field services, jobs, routes and completion statuses

Feature RS-1229
Field Services "Fulfilled By"

New UI that shows how a field services pickup or delivery was fulfilled: carrier, company or customer

Task RS-1316
Introduction of Field Services Custom Jobs

New in field services. Beyond standard pickup and delivery field services, we have introduced “custom job” and in home services (e.g. in home rug cleaning) as new job types

Task RS-1228
Field services filter is maintained across UI views

When using field services, when a user selects a date, it is now stored and maintained through different pages so as not to continually have to redo it

Task RS-1226
Added ability to group sales / order items by"group"

This new feature allows our customers to sell packages. e.g. Cleaning with 2 treatments.

Task RS-1116
Additional validation on discounts

New validation was added in cart for discounts. Checks for low price / cost and confirmations for users if they want to sell below cost

Task RS-941

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