A new feature for our shared Covid times.

Integrated Appointment Booking!

As our clients begin to reopen alongside sometimes stringent rules around who and how many people can be in their showrooms, we've been asked for help in managing customer appointments for sales efforts.

We're introducing a combined cart + appointment booking solution:

  • Acts as a standalone booking form to coordinate appointments
  • Allows sales people to determine times that they are available
  • Also allows customers to "preview" and select the rugs they are interested in before visiting.

How it works: Now customers can simply surf your eCommerce site, add the products they like to their cart and book an appointment (instead of buying).

This gives sales people a sense of the styles a customer likes, what they are generally looking for, a sense of budget and the ability to pre-pull rugs they requested and rugs the sales person believes they may want to consider in advance to make the sales process more efficient for bboth sales person and customer.

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