We're excited to announce a new feature of RugSimple Showroom:

Facebook Shops and Ad integration!

Facebook logo

One of the most important parts of marketing and selling rugs online is generating scale and traffic.

Facebook has long been an excellent source of followers, fans and, yes, shoppers and can help you source traffic and buyers.

For Rug Showrooms in particular, reaching niche, local audiences - existing customers or new - with the right products helps power interest, purchases and (after covid!) walk-in traffic. At the same time, Facebook Shops helps to expand your local market presence to other markets and discerning buyers looking for that "just right" piece.

On the advertising front, having a shop on Facebook allows you to hyper-target ads and messaging from your Page, supported by actual product.

One Click Facebook Shops

At RugSimple, we're trying to provide as many tools as possible to our clients to increase their reach and sell more with less effort - and that's more important now than ever.

Facebook for Rug eCommerce

For Showroom Core Customers and above, we've now integrated Facebook ad tracking and full Facebook Shop synchronization with our RugSimple Shop suite.

This means that, with no additional work on your part, any product that exists in your store, exists on your Shop site and now on Facebook. And any advertising you choose to do is fully tracked back to your store.

We hope these new features help to convert many new sales!

-Team RugSimple

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