Amazon Marketplace Integration

There's no denying the scope and prevalence of Amazon in our lives today as Rug Showrooms. Back in 2016, 55% of Shopping trips started on Amazon. A lot has changed since then but Amazon is even more prevalent today.

amazon Marketplace Integration For Rugs

We need to be where our buyers are.

As old school as our industry might be, selling is selling and we need to be participating in the major new marketplaces that are driving revenue today.

That being said, for anyone who has tried to manage integrating and sync'ing with Amazon Seller Central, they'll know the pains to get started and manage it daily.

Amazon Market for RugSimple Shops

As a new extension of RugSimple's eCommerce Shop solution, Amazon Marketplace is now an optional add-on on some RugSimple plans.

RugSimple Shops for Amazon provides:

  • A standardized, no-hassle, rug-specific link from your shop to Amazon's
  • Fully integrated, invisible distribution to Amazon marketplaces
  • Fully integrated order management and sync from Amazon back to RugSimple
  • Check out our eCommerce offerings or trial us for yourself for free

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