Hot on the heels of our eCommerce Shop launch, we're launching a Rug Rental solution included in our base eCommerce Jumpstart package.

Renting your rug inventory

"In the past 3 years, the Consumer Goods Rental industry in the U.S. has had an average annual growth of 6.4% to reach $5.5 billion in revenue." -- Kentley Insights Report 2019

Film, Weddings, B2B events - all of the non-traditional business focussed events are in dire need of your products.

Most Rug Showrooms are sitting on thousands of rugs and inventory not performing for them.

Rug Rental Management

To support these trends and maximize your revenue on product you already have, RugSimple has created a turn-key digital rental solution.

Starting a new line of business in rental is as simple as (for eCommerce Jumpstart and above):

  • Selecting the rugs you want to provide for rent
  • Push "Sync" in your RugSimple Dashboard to publish them to your shop
  • that's all!

We hope this new feature will help to create more opportunity in different areas

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