Area Rug Cleaning Software

Area Rug Cleaning Software for Modernizing Your Operations

RugSimple Cleaning Streamlines Your Operations at Every Stage of Service. Simplify, speed up and save your business money without big-ticket customization costs.


Custom & Order Module

  • Detailed Customer Records
  • Google Address Lookup
  • Discounts Management: The platform understands line level discounts based on rule management per product, product type, location or customer.
  • Payment Terms (A/R)
  • Barcode Rug Tags
  • Credit Card Surcharges
  • QuickBooks Online Integration
  • Email Invoices
  • SMS Notifications to Customers
  • Multi-Location

Inspection Module

  • Rug Image: Capture inspection photos via Phone or Tablet
  • Smart Measure: Decimal sizing automatically converted to Feet and Inches
  • Condition Notes and Critical Notes
  • Up-sell & Cross-sell Queue: Easily consolidate opportunities for your sales team to up-sell / cross-sell at any point during the rug cleaning life cycle.
  • Scan barcode to automatically pull up the rug being inspected

Workflow Management

  • Real-time Workflow Management:
    Track your rugs throughout the plant and know ‘where they are’, ‘what’s been done’ and ‘when they’ll be ready’. Unlimited number of rugs per order.
  • Customizable Barcoded Checkpoints
  • In-Plant Status Check: Scan a rug barcode and display in large color coded blocks what the status of each process.
  • RugRepair Queue: Working list of all repairs sortable by urgency, repair type or revenue. Track profitability with time-spent on each task.

Binning and Tracking

  • Barcoded Binning: Barcode all your bins for easily scannable location ID.
  • Aging Orders List
  • Overdue Orders List

Field Services

  • Manages Pickup and Deliveries as well as other in-home Services (Carpet cleaning, Upholstery, Tile & Grout etc.)
  • Multi-Route: Schedule crews and jobs in customers home with calendar view. Drag and drop order of stops.
  • Cargo Report: Scan the all the items loaded onto trucks and verify against the cargo manifest
  • Driver Packages: Easily print off driver schedule and all invoices, orders and rug tags.
  • Ability to Close Routes: Block off routes that are too full or are unavailable
  • Google Maps Share Ability

RugSimple Cleaning Saves Money and Reduces Complexity at Every Stage of your Operations

We understand how complex rug cleaning and service really is.

RugSimple Cleaning was built to address every area of your operation.

Increase Efficiency
Do more with less. Manage operational efforts without adding labor.
20 - 100%
Reduce + automate internal workflow and process to squeeze a lot more out of your current operations.
Grow Profits
Reduction of labor costs.