Full Stack Developer with Leadership Skills / Experience

Job Brief :  

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer with leadership skills for our organization who can help us derive extensible solutions for our software and lead a small internal team of frontend and backend developers and work with management to define and plan out the software.

RugSimple :

RugSimple makes running rug cleaning and showrooms simple.  The rug business is a surprisingly complex industry.  We are an ERP system for the rug cleaning and sales industry, facilitating inventory, order systems, field services, workflow, automation and eCommerce to decrease administrative overhead and increase profits.

Responsibilities :

  • A smart leader and team player.
  • Experience with architecture and design would be a great fit.
  • Develop efficient APIS.
  • Work closely with the teams to pass feature requirements.
  • Watch the whole development cycle of applications including its proper deployment.
  • Work on the updates, debuting and troubleshooting of the software. 

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
  • Proven experience as a developer and leadership.
  • Should be great with JS (70% of our codebase).
    • Believer of Clean code
    • We follow Airbnb JS Guidelines (https://github.com/airbnb/javascript)
    • How to improve current NodeJS performance
    • Experience with Webhooks, Session management, Event loop understanding would be tested
  • Good Project management skills and organizational skills – Jira.
  • Front-end languages (we work with Angular).
  • Proficiency in server side Javascript Frameworks, for example: NodeJS, Express, Mongoose, Angular JS, etc.
  • Familiarity with database languages such as MongoDB, etc. and principles like populate, joins, converting Userflow to db relationships.
  • Good team working skills and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent Communication skills and listening skills.
  • An analytical mind with a great attention for details. 



  • Open to learn and work with services like Zapier
  • GCloud, GAP, Cloud Function
  • Hunger to learn and adapt according to business requirements

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