Putting rugs "on approval" is when a customer take a rug to try it out in the home before processing any payment for it.

Add a rug to the cart in the order

In the Add Item window, select the location and quantity of the rugs (one-of-a-kind rugs would just be a value of 1).

Check the "Set as Approval" and check "Approval Status with Customer" if the customer is taking it right away

Add the Item to the cart. Once added, you can see that there is no price for the rug in the cart.

When an approval is activated, a "Customer Attachments" window appears below internal notes where you can record drivers license number. Note: we DO NOT recommend capturing credit details for security purposes.


To change the status of an approval item, edit the rug item and change the status from "with-Customer" to "Sold" or "Returned" .

Be sure to complete the approval


To get a quick snapshot of any rugs that are currently out on approval. You can access the "Approval" list in the menu.

Rug Approvals