Jobs are a direct function of an Order of some kind for either Showroom or Cleaning. Orders that may create jobs include:

  • Pickups
  • Deliveries
  • In-home cleaning
  • Custom jobs

In order for a job to exist, it has to have an order.

To create an order and then job, click Order System and add a new order by clicking the "+" / Add icon

Click Edit on the basic info section

Select the "Schedular (job) Type" and enter a requested date and click Finish Edit

Enter Customer Billing Details as with any order.

If this is a pickup and delivery order, click edit on one or both of the sections.

Under Schedule Info, Click "Set Schedule"

Select an open date, as set by the office / dispatch manager and click save

You will see the tentative job scheduled in the updated screen:

Click "Finish Edit". Congratulations you have completed creating a new job for order 1455!

If you now go to Field Service --> Jobs you will see your new job for order 1455 in the jobs list as an Open Job

Important Note: At this stage, your job has been CREATED but it has NOT been assigned to a schedule or a route. It is a work item that must be addressed