After creating your Field Service Schedule for a day, it is time to create your Routes. Routes are paths that a vehicle and crew will take this day.

The office / dispatcher can and should manage routes by territory, region or proximity of pickups, deliveries or services to each other, ideally, for the most efficiency. e.g. Truck 123 with crew ABC is servicing these 7 jobs on the East side of town

Click the "+" button under the "Route Info" column to Create A Route

Pick the Crew and Vehicle that will be assigned to this Route

You will see a "1" on this Route now, telling you 1 route exists for this day. You can continue to do this to add as many routes as you need / are necessary and possible.

Clicking on the number will take you to you Route List where you can see all unscheduled jobs for the data, all available routes that day and assign jobs to routes

If a Route has already been created, click the blue route number. On the page that follows click "Create Route" to create any number of new routes based on available vehicles and crews