Instead of one field for notes, we’ve built a dynamic note pad feature which allows you to control multiple notes against a customer that pertain to different aspects of their interaction with you. These notes are customer specific and would be applied to future orders. These are NOT order specific notes that would only pertain to a single order.

Create notes based on:

  • Internal - These are private notes that you do not want your customer to see (example: Customer has a history of complaining about everything)
  • Shipping - These are detail that would pertain to every order (example: Elevator must be reserved at time of delivery)
  • Communication - These notes relate to how the customer likes to be communicated with. (example: Do not call this customer between the hours of 10 - 11 a.m.)
  • Billing - These details relate to billing and will get flagged when taking payment (example: Customer must pay in cash up on delivery)
  • Order - These details will appear with every order (example: All items must be wrapped in plastic)