By default, RugSimple Showroom / eCommerce products don't automatically "deactivate" themselves to allow our customers to make decisions or perform actions on products after a sale. Otherwise all products / inventory would "disappear" making it difficult to manage and understand as deactivated rugs are not shown anymore throughout the app.

This means, however, that sold products are still visible in the App and in eCommerce.

Deactivations are a manual process

If you are sure you want the rug to be truly deactivated, follow these steps:

1. Visit your Showroom Dashboard:

2. Scroll to the bottom and locate "Rug Deactivations"

3. Click "Deactivate All"

4. Once Deactivated, the product will be removed from visibility in the App and set to inactive in your eCommerce store

Inactive means that the product is still accessible via direct url as "Sold Out" (for SEO Purposes!) but will NOT show up in Shop pages or in searches.