Various issues and statuses with products and inventory can prevent proper synchronization of products or partial data from your App to your shop. Because of the volume of data around products, orders, approvals, inventory, App settings and more, keeping data synchronized can be a complex process.

Sometimes these issues are by design to maintain customer experience. e.g. removing a rug from your store when a rug is sold in store On Approval to ensure a rug can't be sold twice. Other times RugSimple's App may see glitches in the data (added by user OR accidentally by the App) that

Missing Rugs

If you believe rugs are missing from your shop, please first check your "On Approval" sales list

Selling a rug On Approval will remove it from your Shop to ensure the rug is not sold again while with a customer at their house or business.

You can review your list of On Approval sales by:

  1. In the App, visit Approvals
  2. In the top right click the Filter icon
  3. Select Open and With Customer under Status and click Search

Any Rugs in this list will not be visible in your Shop, by design. To return them to the shop the rugs must be properly returned to inventory.

Sold Rugs & Rug Deactivations

Once a rug has been sold in needs to be deactivated to be removed from your Shop.

More information can be found here: Deactivating Sold Items