Everything in Field Services starts with a Schedule. Office staff or dispatch managers maintain full control of daily or weekly schedules.

This allows you to make decisions like:

  • In-home cleaning only happens on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Deliveries aren't allowed on Mondays
  • Allow two custom in-home jobs this Wednesday based on an important customer request

This ensures that front of house staff don't inadvertently book a Pickup or Delivery or Service with a crew or vehicle on a day when that cannot or is not supposed to happen.

To manage schedules, click Field Services --> Schedule Manager in the menu

By default, the App will show the view for the current week and any days that already contain a schedule. If there are overdue jobs, you will see a warning to go and view them to address as needed.

You may search by Cancelled and Closed schedules under the status at the top or change dates to view the month, year or custom dates.

The Schedule Report provides a number of informational and action items:

  • Schedule date
  • Status (open or closed depending on if the jobs have been completed end of day and closed/approved by the office)
  • Number of jobs scheduled for that day with a tooltip showing the Order IDs for easy reference
  • How many routes are currently planned
  • An actions menu

Job Info Status

Quick reference to # of jobs that day and associated orders

Route Management

The ability to create a new route (if the day is today or later) and information on how many routes are on the road today

Schedule Action Management

The ability to edit the schedule/day, See the jobs under this schedule/day and, if no jobs are currently assigned, Delete the schedule